Safety Solutions provides a process safety auditing service aimed at benchmarking a process operator against frameworks such as the CCPS risk based process safety model.

Process safety is a system framework of engineering and management systems used to manage the integrity of hazardous processes. Holes in these systems can expose a facility to unnecessary risk. A process safety audit uses a team of subject matter experts to reveal gaps, benchmark the performance of these systems against best practice and make recommendations to close them.

  1. Leadership
  2. Management of change
  3. Hazard identification
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Functional safety
  6. Alarm management
  7. Pressure vessel certifications
  8. Tank certifications
  9. Hazardous areas and electrical certifications
  10. Aging Plant / Asset Integrity
  11. Operating procedures
  12. Worker engagement
  13. Contractor management and communications
  14. Permit to Work
  15. Drawing and document management
  16. Safety Critical Element management and verification
  17. Human factors in operations
  18. Incident reporting and followup
  19. Inherent safety
  20. Emergency preparedness
  21. Performance monitoring, review and auditing
  22. Process safety management system

The process safety audit involves a number of interviews with relevant staff and site visits. Evidence of element performance will be collected during these interviews.

Deliverable: A confidential audit report containing:

  • A report card of overall performance
  • Current status
  • Gaps
  • Recommendations to close gaps
  • Prioritization of the recommendations in terms of importance on process safety
  • A management presentation highlighting findings