A risk management program for an industrial site/operation includes controls to ensure that residual risk to the business is as low as reasonably practicable. Engineering and management system controls are predominant. The effectiveness of the program relies upon its organizing principles and the engineering controls and management systems employed. Management systems define who, what, when and how personnel use the assets.

A management system audit evaluates the effectiveness of a risk management program and can be of several varieties:

Compliance (against defined standards) – a compliance audit against the stated requirements of an established management system, corporate standards, international industry standards or national regulations/codes of practice. The output of this type of audit tells a business and other stakeholders how well they are in compliance with the corresponding standard.

Best Practice – based upon the experience of auditor(s), an evaluation of existing practices, systems and programs to determine areas for improvement. The output of such an audit can tell a business where work needs to be done. Such an audit is common where a business has not formalized its program and management systems, and can provide a good basis for defining guiding principles, a program and the necessary management systems.

Risk Based (against a risk profile) –  based upon the hazards of a site/business, as determined by the auditor or through consultation with site/business personnel, evaluation of existing practices, systems and processes against those required to effectively manage risk. The output of such an audit tells a business how well it is managing the risks specific to it and a prioritised basis for continued improvement. This type of audit is consistent with validating the risk management program to include demonstration to stakeholders that a site is walking the talk.

Safety Solutions has extensive experience in all areas, including:

  • Compliance audits for operating companies,
  • Safety Case Auditing,
  • Safety, Environmental and Quality Rating system audits
  • Risk program audits
  • Process Safety Audits