This three day course covers key aspects on using and administering Meercat Riskview for the purposes of implementing, operating and maintaining integrated risk management and control assurance framework.

Day 1: Introduction

For general users and including:

  • General Navigation
  • Bowtie Background
  • Bowtie Workflow
  • Searching, Viewing and Printing Bowties
  • Creating and Editing Bowties
  • Bowtie Analysis
  • Bowtie Settings and Customisation
  • Bowtie Reporting & Dashboards

Day 2: Advanced Techniques

For key users, study leaders or assurance program managers and including:

  • Hazard Study Background
  • Hazard Study Workflow
  • Hazard Study Creation and Editing
  • Generating Bowties from Hazard Study Issues
  • Control Assurance Background
  • Control Assurance Workflow
  • Creating Assurance Templates
  • Generating Assurance Activities
  • Performing Control Assurance Inspections
  • Assurance Reporting & Dashboards

Day 3: Administration

  • For IT, risk or assurance program administrators and including:
  • Admin Background
  • Admin Workflows
  • Perspectives and Dashboards
  • Register Management
  • Security Management
  • Terminology
  • Risk Matrix Settings
  • Bowtie Policies
  • Assurance Policies

For participants who do not wish to receive the full course, we offer pricing on a module basis.