A hazard and operability study (HAZOP) is a structured and systematic examination of a process or operation in order to identify problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment, or prevent efficient operation. Having a review team which is familiar with the processes of the review not only significantly improves the quality of the outcome but will also shorten the duration of the review. Take a look at our course video

This course is aimed at operators, engineers, designers and maintenance personnel who will at some point be part of a HAZOP review team. The objectives of this course are to convey the benefits of HAZOP and the role of the HAZOP review in the process safety framework. It will familiarise the participants with the structure of the review and enable them to be more effective and efficient review team members.

We can also award NZQA Unit Standard 19341 (Demonstrate knowledge of HAZOP in the workplace) as part of this course (for NZ residents). To be awarded the unit standard, participants are required to complete an online assessment (after the course) and take part in a HAZOP at your workplace.

HAZOP E-Learning Course Content

The HAZOP E-Learning course is structured into modules.

  • Process Safety History and Legal Framework.
  • Introduction to HAZOP and the agenda.
  • Workshop – Hazard Identification.
  • HAZOP in the project lifecycle.
  • Risk analysis.
  • HAZOP Simulation Workshop.
  • Minor Modifications Workshop.
  • HAZOP failure Workshop.

Course Duration: 6 – 8 hours

Price: $200 NZD + GST

(Approx 149 USD/ 126 EUR/ £114 incl tax/  182 AUD + GST)

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