SSL have developed a partnership with PAS to be able to offer a full range of alarm management support. The PAS alarm management software complements the consulting and facilitation capabilities SSL has. The following table lists examples of our experience in this area.

Safety Solutions is a reseller of the PAS alarm management software for the NZ marketplace.

Alarm Management Phase

SSL Profile


Alarm System Audit / Benchmark report

Alarm system audits have been carried out as part of the process safety audits SSL has done. More in depth audits and benchmark reports have been carried out prior to the start of alarm management programs

Todd (Benchmark report) Ballance Agri-nutrients (Benchmark report) Meridian (Audit) Fonterra Whareroa Cogen (Audit)

Alarm Philosophy Development

SSL have developed and reviewed several alarm philosophies.

All MHF & Petroleum Clients 20+ years experience

Operation and Maintenance

Development of several company standards and specification of numerous safety functions. SSL have three TUV certified Functional Safety Engineers.

Ballance Agri-nutrients Vector Todd Energy Greymouth Petroleum Meridian Fonterra

HMI Philosophy Development

HMI standard for the abnormal situation management

Greymouth Petroleum Meridian


Facilitation of alarm rationalisation meetings

Ballance Agri-nutrients Todd Meridian Contact Energy Fonterra

Alarm Monitoring Software

SSL are resellers for one of the industry leading alarm management software systems Plant State Suite from PAS. Capabilities include, Alarm monitoring, Reporting & Analysis, Alarm database, Operational bounds monitoring, trip function monitoring.

PAS have installations at Contact Energy OMV Methanex Meridian AICA

Layers of Protection