The classification of areas where an explosive atmosphere might arise is required to permit the proper selection and installation of equipment for use in such hazardous areas. Explosive atmospheres result from the presence of flammable gases, vapours and dusts. Safety Solutions offers Hazardous Area Classification assessments based on corporate, national and international standards.

Our assessments include:

    • Identification of flammable materials – potential release sources and local ventilation within the plant
    • Classification of the hazardous areas – associated with each potential release source, based on the appropriate standards
    • Preparation of a Report of the assessment – describing the techniques applied and any specific issues.
    • Preparation of a Schedule of the materials  – what might be release to create hazardous areas
    • Preparation of a Schedule of the potential release sources – within the plant and the associated Hazardous Area zones.
    • Identification of Hazardous Areas – on plan and elevation views of the plant area, with detailed views of specific equipment where appropriate

Safety Solutions also has a Hazardous Area Classification training course that can qualify people to NZQA 17069

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