Safety Critical Elements (SCEs) and “Soft” Controls are those parts of your plant that prevent a major incident or that mitigate its consequences. These typically include devices such as emergency trips, pressure relief valves, critical operating alarms, safety instrumented systems and critical management systems such as emergency response procedures or permit to work. For safe operations, you need to be sure that all of these devices are being cared for and monitored so that they are suitable throughout the life of the facility. Control verification is a critical part of a facilities risk assurance program.

All controls must undergo both design/suitability verification and in-situ verification.

Initial Suitability Verification
Safety assessmentHazard identification, risk assessment, identification of safety functions
Safety DesignProtection layers, C&E, protection functions, SCEs, barriers, P&ID, performance standards
Engineering DesignDevice selection, SIS design, detail design
FabricationManufacture, assembly, FAT
InstallationConstruction, SAT, commissioning, handover


In-Situ Verification
Operating testsRoutine tests, periodic exercises
MaintenancePlanned and corrective maintenance
ImpairmentPlanned response to failure of a control measure
ModificationManagement of change,
initial suitability of changes
Safety Management SystemPerformance monitoring, audit, review

Safety Solutions can perform both perform independent verification assessment of your critical controls as part of your risk assurance program.

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