Safety Solutions offers an audit of your companies use of VelocityEHS Risk Management


VelocityEHS Risk Management (RM) is a fully customizable toolset, with many different ways to input information for hazard studies, risk assessments, and control assurance. The tool is very simple to set up and get started, however as an implementation grows in size, things can rapidly become more complex.

Optimize your hazard studies and bowties for control assurance

Safety assessment in RM usually starts with building hazard studies and bowties, with control assurance, that is development of performance standards and verification activities for control measures, coming later. It is critical to have bowties and hazard studies set up properly within RM before starting control assurance to optimize the benefits of using the tool.

Safety Solutions has developed several clients instances of Risk Management from the initial hazard identification and risk assessment through to action management, developing performance standards, and setting up verifications. Our experience with the toolset and expertise in process safety allows us to identify gaps in a users Risk Management implementation and help you improve your system to get the most out of Risk Management.

Get the most out of Risk Management with dashboards and reporting

There is a lot of useful information that can be pulled out of Risk Management to help clients track their companies risk profile and safety performance, so much that it can be difficult to know how best to present the right information to different users of a site. It is important to identify key user groups for your company and determine what information they need to effectively manage your risks.

Safety Solutions can help to identify key user groups in your company and develop your Risk Management implementation to ensure the right information is shown to the right people in a simple and understandable way.

What we offer:

Safety Solutions can audit your implementation of Risk Management and provide guidance on how to optimize your use of the toolset. We have experienced site administrators that can make changes to users site configuration and content, allowing clients to simplify their site to improve usability and effectiveness of the tool.

Typical Findings

Our experience has shown that clients Risk Management implementations quickly grow in size and complexity, and without guidance and experience with the toolset, many aspects of their site can be set up improperly. Risk Management implementations typically start with hazard studies and bowtie risk assessments, with verification implemented later. If the initial hazard studies and bowties aren’t set up correctly, setting up verification within the system can become difficult and in some cases impossible.


Our audit will cover the following aspects of your Risk Management installation:

  • Hazard study format and reporting
  • Application of bowties for risk assessment
  • Performance standards and verification templates
  • Actions
  • General site configuration

We will provide a report identifying where improvements can be made with your implementation key actions and guidance to optimize your utilization of Risk Management.


An complete audit your Risk Management site can take between 1-2 weeks depending on your implementations complexity and size.

We also offer basic use and administrator training for VelocityEHS Risk Manager. see here for more details on this.