Safety Solutions provides a safety management system (SMS) auditing service aimed at determining if a process operator has a functioning SMS that meets the requirements of international standards (eg ISO 45001) but is also driving a high level of safety performance across the business.

Safety Management Systems are made up of 10-15 elements that aim to drive the performance of safety management across the business and provide a mechanism for executive leadership and the board to perform due diligence on their organisation. The SMS Audit reviews the structure of the management system and the performance of each element against good practice. The typical elements assessed, include:

  1. Policy
  2. Communications
  3. Organisation
  4. Personnel
  5. Contractors
  6. Major Hazards
  7. Operations
  8. Safety Critical Elements
  9. Change
  10. Emergency Management
  11. Monitoring Performance
  12. Incident Management
  13. Audit and Review

The SMS audit involves a number of interviews with relevant staff and site visits. We use check lists developed for each element to guide the audit and evidence collection. These are issued to the client before the start of the review.

Deliverable: An audit report containing:

  • A report card ranking each element against good practice
  • A Safety Management maturity ranking
  • Gaps & recommendations
  • Prioritisation of the recommendations in terms of importance on process safety
  • A management presentation highlighting findings

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