So, you are a trained HAZOP leader and have facilitated a few HAZOPs. You are generally familiar with the requirements of the review and you are wondering how to improve your review facilitation skills or brush up on your HAZOP knowledge.

You may have asked yourself some of the following questions:

  • Why do my HAZOPs take longer than anticipated? How can my HAZOPs become more effective?
  • How do I deal with a new process or perform a HAZOP on a control system?
  • How much risk assessment can and should be done during HAZOP
  • How does HAZOP tie into the requirements of subsequent IPF and SIL reviews?

This 1 day training course provides tricks of the trade by Australasia’s most experienced HAZOP facilitators and guided workshops on core elements of the HAZOP review.

Course Content

  • Preparation & Terms of Reference
  • Equipment failure modes
  • Advanced HAZOP technique: Adding failure effects and human error
  • HAZOP Reporting & Facilitator’s comments
  • HAZOPing new processes
  • Risk assessment in HAZOP
  • Tying HAZOP into IPF & SIL assessments
  • HAZOPing control systems

Course Duration: 1 day
Maximum number of attendees: 30

Enquire about this course as an in-house event at your site.