Alarm systems have developed over the last decade from hard wired indicators which were costly to configure compared to the cheap and highly configurable SCADA interfaces commonly implemented today. This transition has largely gone unregulated by company standards leading to the blanket implementation of alarms for everything and anything available without fully considering the impact on the operator. The result of this will impact the safety of a process plant.
It’s an important aspect of process safety to have an alarm management site standard, to be able to assess the performance of the current alarm system and to review existing alarms for their relevance. SSL can provide support at any stage through the alarm management process, from producing reports benchmarking the extent of alarm management issues through to helping to develop a site philosophy and facilitation of alarm reviews.  We are an authorized re seller of PAS alarm management software, enabling us to implement and support the PlantState Suite software solutions for monitoring a reporting on alarm system health. Areas covered by SSL include:

Safety Solutions can support alarm management activities:

  • Alarm System benchmarking audit
  • Alarm Philosophy development
  • Alarm Design
  • Prioritisation techniques
  • Rationalisation
  • Maintenance and Testing
  • Greenfield/Brownfield Implementation
  • Alarm Monitoring