The international standard that defines the requirements for functional safety systems is IEC61511. This standard defines how the lifecycle from Hazard ID, SIL assessment through to design, implementation and maintenance should be managed.Safety Solutions has functional safety qualified consultants (TUV) experienced across the IEC61511 lifecycle. This is our profile:

Hazard ID – Hundreds of reviews facilitated across several sectors. Training and qualification of leaders and participants across NZ.

SIL Determination and Risk Assessment – Hundreds of scenarios assessed to determine SIL levels using LOPA and Risk Graph techniques. Several SIL assessment procedures developed. LOPA & SIL training conducted across NZ and Australia

Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) – Development of several company standards and specification of numerous safety functions. SSL have three TUV certified Engineers

Design – Use of SIL Solver/ ExSILEntia to design and verify the design in accordance with the SRS

Operation and Maintenance – Operational procedures (bypass, proof testing) to satisfy compliance with standards.

Modifications – Design of MoC systems for plant and software changes

IEC61511 Management Plans – Development of management plans that document how an organisation meets the requirement of IEC61511 across the lifecycle.

Functional Safety Assessments/ Audits – From Assessment & Verification of individual SIL functions through to full Functional Safety Management System Audits

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